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Harry's story: How Autsome ideas are bettering our world

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An image of four women at a vaccination centre. Three women stand around Harry's sister who is seated on a chair. All four women are wearing masks. Harry's sister Lily sat giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

Harry is an Autsome Advocate. The advocates are a great bunch of neurodiverse children and young people based in North East Essex who give their views on health, education and social issues which affect their daily lives of autistic children …

Why access is key: succeeding in work with a visual impairment

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Quote from Paul Arnold, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer. Paul is next to the quote. Paul is looking at his laptop screen. Quote: “For people with a visible or apparent impairment it can be challenging to just be themselves at work. Just being yourself can often mean risking others silently assuming lots of unhelpful things about your capability, or perhaps thinking your accomplishments are ‘in spite’ of your apparent impairment. “Society evolves based on what becomes familiar and comfortable, so only by talking openly about what makes us all that bit different and special will progress be made. “

We hear from Paul Arnold, ICO Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer, who shares his story of being a leader with a visual impairment. Paul is responsible for the strategy, leadership and performance of the Information Commissioner’s Office. He …